The handmade carrycot from Mambo Baskets, the must-have for every newborn!

Do you also feel that your baby is still too small for that large, unwieldy playpen? But would you still like to find a place in your neighborhood where your baby feels safe? A Mozes carrycot is the ideal place to sleep for your newborn baby. They are small, light and portable, so your baby can sleep well anywhere, whether at home, on the road or on the move.

Mambo Baskets is the young and fair trade basket brand of Nathalie Snoeckx. The company offers handmade baskets from different African countries to the European market. The baskets are hand-woven by women in remote villages and consist of 100% natural materials. By weaving baskets they can support their families and send their children to school. A new addition to the Mambo Baskets collection are the Mozes carrycots from Ghana.

The baskets are made from elephant grass, a very sturdy type of grass that makes them so robust. It takes 3 to 4 days to weave one basket. Because the baskets are woven by hand, each basket is unique and each basket has its own story.

A Mozes carrycot is a versatile, light and sturdy basket that provides a safe place to sleep for your baby's first three months. They are also portable, making it easy to carry them from one room to another. Newborn babies sleep a lot, so a portable bed will make your life a lot easier during those first few months. And how nice is it if your newborn baby always has his or her own bed with him... You can also buy a stand for the basket, so that your baby is at your height and you can even rock the basket.

When you notice that the baby is getting a bit big for the Moses basket, you can place the basket in the crib. This ensures a gradual transition to that big bed. And when your little one no longer fits in the basket, you can continue to use it perfectly as a doll's basket or store all the toys in it.

The baskets, including mattress, are available in different models for €159 at .

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